Revolutionizing Online Education

PencilTree is your one-stop location to learn everything there is to know about any subject. PencilTree is planning to transform EdTech and becomes the world's first "Repository of Knowledge" with a UNIQUE business model!

Image Paid Premium Content

Purchase and watch premium and latest instructional videos from the best instructors around the world.

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Working with instructors, PencilTree sells courses to students in a crowdfunding fashion. After a short while, when the target price for a course is reached, the course becomes available to the rest of our students free of charge.

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Study a subject from beginning to an end in an organized manner. Our platform has a "wiki" functionality built in where users can create and organize contents. Instructional videos in this category are curated from all over the web.

Interested in Selling Your Videos?

We take away all the hard work associated with selling your courses. You create a masterpiece of a course, and we take care of the rest.


We only accept best courses from the best instructors for our campaigns. That means more opportunities for you.


Why wait 3-4 years when you can make the same amount in months? We employ crowdfunding strategy which will urge students to buy courses within a short amount of time and has an inherent snowball effect.

Learn how you can sell your online courses on PencilTree: